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Most important days in a woman's life

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Have you ever thought what will be the most important day of your life? In case you didn’t had one already? This question can have different answers. All women are different and they think differenlty

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How to impress a woman

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To impress a woman is not so hard. The only thing that you should know is that you have to be careful about what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.Be careful not to let the impression that the only thing you want from her is sex. If you’re doing things right, it won’t take too long before you will notice that she’s in love with you and she wants you.
So guys, if you have a woman you like and you want to impress, I hope that this article will help you and it will make things easier for you. Good luck!!

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Fantasies of women

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People think that women don’t have naughty and hot fantasies. Well, think again! Just because they’re not talking about them as often as men do, it doesn’t mean that women don’t have fantasies. We all know women are more shy than men when it comes to these kind of things. Men rarely imagine that women perceive them as objects of sexual pleasure and satisfaction, and this is not such a good thing. Women love daydreaming and they have lots of naughty thoughts that they want to accomplish.

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How to have a long and happy marriage

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Every woman dreams about a long and a happy marriage. But it's this a hard or an easy thing to do? You have to think about the many and new things that will interfere and how you can solve them. Marriage is not just about sex and cooking.

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About me

In the house
Pink is my favorite color
I love summer
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Hello everybody.

My name is Angel and I'm from New York.Now I live in Washington,I guess everybody knows that modeling as a job takes you everywhere in the world.I'm writing this post hoping that you'll be interested on knowing me better and make friends here on Fotopages.

I'm a sociable,communicative and fun person.I love life and I think This is the most important thing that we have and we should cherish every second of it.I love dance,music and photography,and this is how I became a model.Now I'm in Washington doing a photo shoot with some cute and nice dresses.I love life in Washington and living alone but sometimes you need the warm and the love of your family and I miss y mom,dad and my cute dog Sara.

I love summer more than winter,chocolate more than peanut butter,night than day.I'm a romantic person but my job doesn't allow me to have a long relationship,and this is sad because sometimes I really need to have somebody next to me,to hold me in his arms and to tell me everything is ok.

And that's all about me for now.
I will write more later these days,but till then here are some pics of me

Nice to meet you everybody


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